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1. The Planet The Physical Angel
2. Criterion and Doily Criterion And Doily
3. Pimmon Snaps Crackles Pops
4. Books The Lemon Of Pink
5. Shy Child The Humanity EP
6. AE Bootleg
7. Jeff Parker/Kevin Drumm/Michael Zerang Out Trios Volume Two
8. The Blow The Concussive Cares
9. Bride of No No Bride of No No
10. Crack We Are Rock Cosmic Mind Flight


1. Malachi Thompson & Africa Brass Blue Jazz
2. Fred Anderson Back at the Velvet Lounge
3. Moholo/Stabbins/Tippett* Tern
4. Tim Berne’s Science Friction The Sublime And
5. Andrew Hill Passing Ships
6. Kyle Bruckmann Kyle Bruckmann’s Wrack
7. Liberty Ellman Tactiles
8. Josh Abrams Cipher
9. Scott Rosenberg Creative Orchestra Music, Chicago 2001
10. Parker/Drumm/Zerang Out Trios Volume Two


1. Plastikman Closer
2. Luke Vibert Yoseph
3. Lithium Project Many Worlds Theory
4. Verve Remixed 2 Verve Remixed 2
5. Mark Farina Air Farina
6. Plaid Spokes
7. John Arnold Neighborhood Science
8. Basement Jaxx Kish Kash
9. Underworld Anthology 1992-2002
10. Various Artists Bird Up!: The Charlie Parker Remix Project