Senate supports Chron, polling

With redistricting issues on the backburner, Associated Student Government senators passed four measures at their weekly meeting Wednesday.

Senators approved a resolution supporting the Northwestern Chronicle, two bills creating student opinion polls and a resolution commending the administration for promoting diversity during campus tours.

Hundreds of copies of the Chronicle have been stolen after their Friday distribution since the beginning of Fall Quarter at Sargent Hall, Foster-Walker Complex and 1835 Hinman, according to the paper’s editors.

“Our voice is being silenced,” said Kyle Western, a fraternity senator and the Chronicle’s managing editor.

When senators questioned the resolution’s importance, Western defended supporting the Chronicle because it increases knowledge of the issue among students.

“What does ASG condemning a hate crime do?” said Western, a Medill sophomore. “It creates awareness. And that’s what we hope this bill can accomplish.”

The Senate also passed a resolution commending the Office of Admissions for creating an initiative to mention diversity and multicultural resources during campus tours.

“I do believe that in the real world, when someone takes a step in the right direction, we should say, ‘You know what, you’re doing a good job,'” said Darin Smith-Gaddis, a Weinberg junior.

But some senators said the resolution was unnecessary.

“I don’t think we should pat administrators on the back,” said Craig Carter, a College of Cultural and Community Studies senator. “I don’t believe they’ve done anything significant enough to warrant a ‘thank you’ from us.”

Carter, a McCormick freshman, said he would rather tour guides be required to visit the Black House and other cultural centers.

In other business, senators passed two bills to create online polls gauging student opinions on summer financial aid and a CTA U-Pass program.

Eva Byerley, a senator for the Plex who co-authored the U-Pass legislation, said she wanted to know how many students would use the service.

“I’m for the poll,” said Byerley, a Medill sophomore. “But I think there are a lot of students who wouldn’t use (U-Passes) enough.”

Under the plan, every student would pay a fixed fee each year and receive unlimited access to Chicago Transit Authority trains and buses.

The summer financial aid poll will go up on HereAndNow on Friday.

ASG’s academic vice president, Prajwal Ciryam, said student input is essential.

“In the end, what the students have to say is more important than all our arguing and all our debating,” said Ciryam, a Weinberg sophomore.

Christina Appleton a former sorority senator, introduced a bill calling for the purchase of 1,000 keychain alarms. The alarms would release about 130 decibels of sound — equivalent to a rock concert — to alert people of a crime or assault.

Senators did not hear misconduct hearing results for either College Republicans or the Objectivist Club, as was previously considered.