ASG to talk safety alarms, bake sale hearing results

Alison Kezevich

Continuing their push for increased security, Associated Student Government senators will examine a bill tonight that could help students take safety into their own hands.

The bill calls for the Northwestern administration to purchase and distribute at least 1,000 personal keychain alarms to students.

The alarms cost $6 each and create sound up to 130 decibels to alert police or bystanders of an attack, said the bill’s author, Christina Appleton.

She said she first thought of the personal alarms last year, but recent attacks on students made the issue even more pressing.

Eight students have been attacked on or near campus since Fall Quarter started.

“This year everyone I know is afraid,” said Appleton, a Weinberg junior and former sorority senator.

She said students must find ways to increase their safety. “It doesn’t appear the administration is doing anything,” Appleton said.

The Senate also will hear the results of last night’s Student Activities Finance Board hearing concerning College Republicans.

The group was investigated for an affirmative action bake sale Oct. 31.

College Republicans President Ben Kohlmann said SAFB investigated the group for

not following proper cash-box guidelines.

The College Republicans executive board did not endorse the sale, but several of the group’s members helped with the event.

Kohlmann, a Weinberg senior, said he was not angry at SAFB members about the hearing.

“They’re just doing their job,” he said. A preliminary hearing to examine the actions of the Objectivist Club in the bake sale is scheduled for Monday.

Igor Dubinsky, president the Objectivist Club, said he is not worried about the hearing.

“I’m absolutely confident,” said Dubinsky, a Weinberg senior. “We did a morally right action, didn’t break any rules and we still believe in the rationality of ASG.”

Senators also will vote on two bills introduced at last week’s meeting. Both bills call for the creation of student polls — one to gauge student interest in U-Pass and the other to measure opinion on summer financial aid.

The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the Northwestern rooms of Norris University Center. The meeting is open to the NU community.