Letters to the Editor

Diverse faculty demonstrates anyone is capable of success

It’s one thing to bring intelligent, insightful speakers to Northwestern to expose students to controversial viewpoints. It’s another thing to bring outright liars. Michael Moore is definitely not the former.

To add to Daily columnist Christopher Kenny’s intelligent critique of Moore on Wednesday, there were at least two glaring factual errors in Moore’s Oct. 14 speech. They reveal something important about Moore’s character and the views he espouses.

First, despite what Moore loves to believe, President Bush never claimed any link between Saddam Hussein and the Sept. 11 attacks. Moore touted this claim in the beginning of his speech — frighteningly, to much applause.

Second, the Bush administration never pressed General Wesley Clark to go on national television and claim connections between Saddam and Iraq following the Sept. 11 attacks. If Moore had been following this issue, he would have known that, although Clark did make such a claim shortly before announcing his bid for the Democratic nomination, he has since recanted it.

Moore simply refuses to get his facts straight. Kenny listed some prominent examples in his column, but the misinformation doesn’t stop there. Moore’s books and movies have been fraught with twisted facts and spin.

I went to Moore’s Oct. 14 speech knowing that I would disagree with almost everything he would say. But I went anyway, hoping to learn a thing or two. Sadly, all I learned is that Moore, in his utter disregard for facts, is no different from today’s other trendy political demagogues.

Dan Strumpf
Medill freshman

ASG senators devote time, effort to keeping constituents happy

As a member of Northwestern’s Associated Student Government, I would like to respectfully disagree with the letter to the editor in Tuesday’s Daily regarding the impracticality and inefficiency of ASG. The more than 60 ASG senators and 14 Executive Board members do not dedicate four to five hours every week in meetings for the sake of getting acquainted with Norris University Center. Nor do we spend countless hours of our precious time writing bills and then table them for the mere sake of NU’s destruction. Nor are we here to waste our own time on “worthless” issues.

If you want to see specific changes happen, contact your senator. We are always welcome to new suggestions, especially from you, our constituents.