Evanston company named to top 100 in health care survey

Jared Goldberg-Leopold

In compiling a list of the top hospitals in the country, the Evanston-based company Solucient didn’t have to look too far.

For the ninth consecutive year, Evanston Northwestern Healthcare was named as one of the top 100 hospitals in a survey released last week. The survey, which doesn’t rank-order the honored hospitals, was conducted by Solucient, a health care information company located at 1800 Sherman Ave.

Evanston Northwestern Healthcare, which runs Evanston Hospital, 2650 Ridge Ave., is one of two nine-time winners in the survey’s history. The company also runs Glenbrook Hospital, Highland Park Hospital and a research institute.

“It’s an objective third-party measure of our quality from a well-respected organization,” said Gail Polzin, spokeswoman for the health care system. “It’s always nice to have the validation that what you’re doing is the right thing.”

The award was based on an analysis of how well the hospital takes care of patients and how it manages its business, Polzin said. The organization is planning a way to reward its employees for the achievement.

“The employees are really the ones who make it happen,” Polzin said.