Creativity essential for funding success

Dalia Naamani-Goldman

Although Campaign Northwestern is now over, Vice President for Development Sarah Pearson said her fund-raising work never ends.

“Our role is always to secure critical resources for the university,” she said. “And the university always has needs.”

Research funds, financial aid, faculty support, and updated and improved facilities are always needed, she said. Deans also have long lists of plans and priorities for their schools, and university development always accommodate these.

“(Fund-raising needs) don’t begin and end with a campaign,” said Penny Hunt, associate vice president for university development.

Norris University Center still is in need of an expansion. The university has raised only $3.5 million of the $21 million needed to expand Norris since the start of Campaign NU.

The School of Music also needs to expand facilities for practice, teaching and administration. Another $50 million to $60 million is needed to build more space next to Regenstein Hall.

Both Pearson and Hunt said they agree it is crucial to include alumni in university affairs. Part of their jobs, they said, is to engage alumni and remind them of their affiliation with NU.

University President Henry Bienen has said in the past that alumni involvement ? and younger alumni involvement in particular ? is critical to the long-term viability of a school’s fiscal shape.

And C. Bradley Moore, vice president for research, has said he is interested in pursuing joint research and development opportunities to raise funds. Potential donors are interested in intellectual challenges and innovative research projects, Moore told The Daily in May.