Doubles no longer available for students seeking housing

Ben Figa

Students looking to live in on-campus doubles next year are out of luck, as the housing process’ largest day of registration ended Wednesday night with 40 students interested in doubles being turned away.

Close to 1,200 students filed through the Foster-Walker Complex on Wednesday night to register for on-campus housing next year. Mark D’Arienzo, associate director of university housing, said officials planned to spend the night re-evaluating if any rooms remain open for students slated to sign up for housing today and Friday.

“We’re going to regroup tonight and figure out what is left,” D’Arienzo said. “The waiting list will start Friday night — I don’t know how long (it will be) or (even) if it will be.”

The first residence halls to fill up Wednesday were small dorms like Rogers House and Goodrich House, with larger co-ed dorms such as Allison Hall and Bobb Hall the next to go.

“They closed out Allison (male rooms) before number 1,100,” said David Zorn, a McCormick sophomore.

Numbers were distributedvia e-mail. The number were distribute din order of seniority. Of the 2,123requests for housing, rising seniors and juniors were given number 1,120 and below.

The last dorms to fill to capacity were 1856 Orrington, 1835 Hinman and Elder Hall.

Communication freshman Colby Kline called the process unorganized and unfair.

“This is the worst process in the world,” said Kline, who ended up in South Mid-Quads Hall. “I feel like we’re in a mud pit wrestling for rooms.”