Letters to the Editor

Daily’s antiwar coverage repetitious, ignores facts

Does anything else happen around here? From Alex Thomas’ horrible representation of black-and-white flags draped with an antiwar message yesterday to Mindy Hagen’s biased article Tuesday on student protest, The Daily’s stance is abundantly clear.

The Daily: All Protest, All the Time.

I can’t wait for this upcoming issue: The Messiah comes to earth, page five. Armageddon approaching, page eight. Cubs win World Series, page four. Students protest, yay. Page one. Put them on the front because that doesn’t happen more than once.

How about yesterday’s protest statements that are full of holes?

Northwestern Students Opposed to War And Racism member Mateo Hinojosa said in Monday’s Daily, “We need to make sure … the world realizes that the people of the United States do not support the war.”

Okay, Mateo. What are CBS, CNN and Fox polls for? Are they fictitious? Seventy percent of Americans supported the war on the opening day, and this group is still the majority. Ballgame. However, in The Daily and in other news coverage it seems like 20 protesters have a larger voice.

And for those of you who hate President Bush’s foreign policy, I’ll admit it does leave a lot to be desired. However, why do we always forget that the same things happened under President Clinton? With the exception of a full-scale war, the Clinton administration bombed the same countries we have fought under Bush. What separates these operations is the abundance of media and a Republican president. It was okay back then under a Democrat. Now, it’s racism, hate, murder and big business.

If something cool doesn’t show up on the front page soon, I’m gonna drive my car into the lake. Oh, but that wouldn’t even make the nyou section, so what’s the point?

Garrett Baldwin

Medill junior

Students deserve option to vote for Sexy Lesbians

I am utterly surprised by the cowardice shown by the Associated Student Government in not allowing write-in votes in this year’s election. I am guessing this is surprising to you, Joe Reader, as ASG was even too cowardly to make this decision known until The Daily reported it Monday.

ASG says write-in candidates have an unfair advantage and they don’t have to play by the rules. Really? The same write-in candidates that don’t get their faces plastered all over The Daily for the week leading up to the election? The same write-in candidates who have failed to approach anything close to what could be considered electoral success? The same write-in candidates who were banned clandestinely by the brain trust at ASG? The same write-in candidates who didn’t even know they were banned until a week before the election? It seems the unfair advantage rests with the toolboxes making the rules.

Are the mediocrity-mongers in ASG really so afraid of a few left-ass cheeks and one very Respectable Dildo? Or is this just their way of squelching a valid student protest of the quality of candidates? But that can’t be true: ASG has a huge boner to protest things (filling the Lakefill, the war in Iraq, the Italian-American studies minor, etc.) I guess it really is fear of past write-ins like NUMB Fuckin’ Tenor, the library sleeping lady and Sexy Lesbians that drives ASG policy. Pussies.

Write-in votes give everyone an opportunity to voice their choice. If you like one of the candidates that ASG has deemed worthy (read: nepotism) to lead their merry band of irrelevance, then vote that way. If not, you should at least have the option to write in a more worthy candidate, such as one of your testicles or a malfunctioning riding lawn mower. It’s the democratic, nay, the American way. Vote Bud French!

Check out http://budfrench.topcities.com for a candidate worth your vote.

Dave Summers

Weinberg senior

Communications director,

Bud French for ASG president

Early campaigning slip-up indicates who not to choose

Mike Blake: The first day of the campaign and he has already cheated. Do we really want this in an ASG President?

Dave Shelley

McCormick junior