Editorial: Make student channel, Patten budget priorities

Once again, the Undergraduate Budget Priorities Committee has begun collecting feedback from students for their campus improvement requests.

The response has not been overwhelming. Now is the time for Northwestern students to overcome their infamous apathy and let the committee know which changes should be priorities for the coming year. Suggestions can be sent to [email protected] Though the committee’s recommendations are not always granted, they at least let the administration know what students want.

We’d like to suggest a few suggestions of our own. NUTV still does not have a channel for student broadcasts such as Northwestern News Network. A server dedicated to a channel of this kind should be a priority.

Handicap accessibility on campus could be improved and it should be a budget priority.

Another concern is Patten Gymnasium. While the current A&O Productions board has done an excellent job bringing music to campus, including Jurassic 5 on Nov. 7 and Ben Folds tonight, their venue remains substandard. Audio mix at the Jurassic 5 show was muddy, and the heat was unbearable. Investment in acoustic panelling, a high-quality permanent address system and an air conditioning setup seems logical if strong musical acts continue to perform on campus.

When Ben Folds rocks this suburb, we want to be able to hear it.