The ‘Hot’ flick

Dave Holstein

Wearing a Northwestern football jersey and a foot-long ponytail, film director Tom Brady presented a sneak-preview of his new movie “The Hot Chick” Monday night to a capacity crowd at Century Theatres in Evanston. The film’s stars, Rob Schneider and Anna Faris, stood by to answer questions from the audience and sign autographs.

“It’s a heart-felt morality tale,” Brady said half-jokingly about the film, which tells the story of a young woman who by means of a mysterious spell is turned into a man, played by Schneider. “I’ve been waiting to do it my whole life.”

Touchstone Pictures hosted the free screening. “The Hot Chick” will be released in movie theaters nationwide Dec. 13.

After the screening, Brady, Schneider, and Faris took time to discuss the making of the film, its gender-crossing undertones and the personal tolls of working with Schneider.

“The crew got used to me being naked on the set,” Schneider said. “Then I realized I was emotionally hurting people.”

Introduced by Brady as “the man-whore himself,” Schneider went on to recount his new-found admiration for the female condition — and its undergarments.

“There’s just not enough room for everything,” he said. “I have a new respect for women.”

Schneider joked that he gave his mom a small role in the movie “to get her health insurance.”

All joking aside, Schneider said he recognized the importance of not belittling women in his portrayal of Jessica, a popular high school cheerleader who wakes up one morning carrying more than just emotional baggage.

“I think women are more emotionally facile,” he said. “The role was for me physically vulnerable and innocent.”

Faris, who plays Jessica’s best friend in the film, added that in some ways “The Hot Chick” is a victory for women in Hollywood. “It was an amazing feat to make this movie from a young woman’s perspective,”

she said.

“The Hot Chick” is Brady’s directorial debut. He and Schneider co-wrote the script and collaborated previously on 2001’s “The Animal” as well as Schneider’s short-lived television series “Men Behaving Badly.”

When asked why Schneider chose to show the sneak preview in Evanston, the former Saturday Night Live cast member put it simply, “because it’s the coolest place.”

The local audience didn’t let him down. Many of those who attended the screening said they enjoyed the film.

“(The film) was really funny, especially if you are a Rob Schneider fan,” said Weinberg sophomore Rocky Jones.

“I skipped chapter to come here,” said Weinberg sophomore Christina Appleton. “(The film) superceded all of my expectations.”

Communication sophomore Marc Andelman said he appreciated “The Hot Chick” for its slapstick comedy, although admits it’s not likely to win an Academy Award.

“As far as free movies go, I really liked it,” he said, but added, “It wasn’t ‘Schindler’s List.'”