Letters to the editor

‘Purple’ editors disagree with Panhel, vow improvement

The editors of “Purple” would like to apologize on behalf of the entire corps of contributing writers for the lack of minority representation in our book.

We wanted to give minority student groups at Northwestern a voice in “Purple.” We also wanted to offer feminists, republicans, Christians, Muslims, the gay and lesbian community, and NU advocates of NORML the chance to speak candidly to new students.

The scope of “Purple” was limited by time and resources. We failed to cover much ground. For this we personally apologize, especially to the many minority house leaders who have taken the time to contact us. We pledge to remedy such mistakes in subsequent publications.

In response to Demelza Baer’s letter on behalf of the Panhellenic Council, we think it is unfortunate representatives of Panhel find “Purple” so “appalling.” The editors of “Purple” share similar opinions about the literature that Panhel produces. On behalf of our campus, the editors of “Purple” pose Panhel a sincere question: Do you think you might be taking yourselves a little too seriously?

To prove “Purple’s” solidarity with ideas of open-mindedness to the many Greek women who have so ironically stereotyped our book, let me quote from “Purple”, page 142: “The best way to discover the truth about any Greek house is to find out for yourself. Be open-minded! Give every house, and especially every individual in a house, a fair shot … Ignoring the shades of gray in this world will make you an ignorant fool.”

Unlike Panhel, which has boycotted “Purple” and offered our writers no forum for discussion, the editors of “Purple” invite the leadership of Panhel to contribute to our book next year.

Ms. Baer, we have a page reserved for you.

Jeff Schell

McCormick junior

Walker Wells

Weinberg ’02