Letters to the editor

‘Purple’ misrepresentation of Greek life at Northwestern

After working tirelessly for the past two quarters to create programming and initiatives that celebrate the diversity and strength of our Greek community, we are appalled and angered to arrive back on campus and find that a book being marketed to freshmen on campus dares to categorize and stereotype every chapter at Northwestern.

At NU we have one of the strongest Greek communities in the nation, one that fosters leadership, scholarship, philanthropy and the development of personal excellence. We are an extremely diverse group, encompassing four Greek councils that are involved in every sector of campus life at NU. It is unacceptable for any students, especially Greek students, to perpetuate stereotypes and misconceptions. We urge these students and everyone else on campus to discover for themselves that we as Greeks and members of our chapters are a diverse community of individuals united by shared values and a commitment to the Greek community, rather than superficial characteristics.

Demelza Baer

Spokesperson for Panhellenic Council