Registrar revamps NU’s phone directory Web site

Jonathan Kay

University Relations and Information Technology have restructured Northwestern’s online directory system, creating new features, less hassle and a new layout.

The new Ph directory, implemented Monday, will at first only give users the most useful information about a person, including e-mail address, school address, phone number and curriculum.

To access additional information, such as home address or title in an organization, the searcher can click on a “more info” link that will appear next to each search.

“We did some testing to make (Ph) more user friendly and make information more relative for the people searching,” said Staci Roberts, director of Web communications for University Relations.

This format allows the Web users to view the search results without having to scroll down, Technology Support Services Director Tom Board said.

“If there were 15 results to your search, you would have to scroll through a lot of entries because of the format,” Board said.

Another new feature is a reverse search option that allows someone to search for a name by typing in an e-mail address or phone number.

Students also can limit their search field to students, faculty and staff, or departments and organizations.

The new system will help the university keep track of students with a new form of registration.

At the request of the registrar, the new service will require students to change their school address and phone number through CAESAR rather than the Ph-associated Web site where they can update the rest of their information, Board said.

In the past, Board said, some students updated their information on the Ph Web site but never officially registered their new address and phone number through the university, leaving NU in the dark about some students