Painful, but in a good way

Jeff Stone

‘People are born kinky and know they are kinky from an early age,” Michael Dayne told a crowd of students Wednesday night. “It is a lifestyle.”

It’s a lifestyle not many Northwestern students know about, but three experts gave about 60 of them a crash course in it Wednesday night in Sargent dining hall.

The crew brought various toys and supplies, including whips, nipple clamps, canes, ropes and a penis clamp called “the Gates of Hell.”

The resident assistants of Bobb and McCulloch halls planned the event to show students “how the other 5 percent live.”

“This is something that we are ignorant about,” said Erin Drasler, a Medill senior and one of the RAs. “People often associate dominatrices with strippers – we want to dispel that stereotype.”

One of the event’s dominatrix speakers, Jade Steel, told the crowd she worked at an Applebee’s before entering her current profession. She said she enjoys her current job at Jade’s Dungeon in Chicago much more.

“I get to beat men for a living, how can you beat that? And then I get to go through their wallets,” said Steel, Dayne’s girlfriend and business partner. “I like to be in control all the time.”

Most of her customers are male, she said.

“If a woman wants a guy to dominate them, it is not hard to find,” Steel said. “Every woman should be open and make their husband happy.”

Weinberg sophomore Colby Clark volunteered to have the electric taser tested on him.

“I found this very intriguing,” Clark said. “However, it’s not something that I think I could be seriously aroused by. The electric shock thing left marks up and down my arm.”