Editorial: New meal plans should take a smaller bite out of wallets

Dining hall food will never be Northwestern’s biggest attraction. But with a new slew of meal plans, we are optimistic that the food will be a little more palatable.

The dining services committee’s new scheme will offer students 14 different plans, instead of the current 12 options.

While we applaud the effort to accomodate students’ diverse lifestyles with more options and greater flexibility, the all-important matter of price is as yet undecided.

There is reason for concern. Students on some Flex plans pay as much as $13.62 per meal but get a cash equivalent of only $6.60. In effect, students are penalized for buying meal contracts instead of paying cash. Such a system demands reform.

The success of the new plans will be measured largely on their affordability. It’s time NU shows students that its meal plans are worth the price.