Meeting in costume is a treat for senators

Becky Bowman

Adorned in Halloween costumes ranging from “God’s gift to women” to a cross-dressing hula dancer, Associated Student Government senators on Wednesday passed six bills in style.

The ASG president, dubbed “Jordan ‘That ’70s Show’ Heinz” by Speaker of the Senate Bassel Korkor for his costume of bright yellow disco pants and psychedelic green shirt, said that although senators dressed down, their interaction was formal.

“The debate was right on target for where it should be,” said Heinz, an Education senior. “It created tension in the Senate, which is what good debate should do. The last thing we want is a complacent Senate.”

Korkor, who donned a pirate outfit halfway through the meeting, said the costumes encouraged a light-hearted meeting.

“There were really creative costumes tonight,” said Korkor, a Weinberg junior. “That just proves that senators are clever, too.”

Senate’s lightheartedness, however, was suspended during a special order for financial misconduct against Women’s Coalition. Senators listened attentively as Financial Vice President Carson Kuo delivered his officer’s report and maintained their gravity during the order, Heinz said.

After approving a recommendation concerning the financial misconduct, the Senate passed bills supporting the creation of an online restaurant guide and off-campus housing and parking guides.

One lengthy debate broke out when a campus safety bill was presented by Off-Campus Sen. Nell Haynes for the Student Services Committee.

The bill was meant to be a general statement concerning campus safety, said Student Services Vice President Courtney Brunsfeld, a Weinberg junior. The bill lists many of the improvements the Student Services Committee would like to see implemented on campus, she said.

But the bill was almost tabled by a motion from 1835 Hinman Sen. Michael Blake, who spoke against passing the bill because many of its components lacked lines of implementation.

“If you present this bill as is to the administration, where do go from there?” asked Blake, a Medill junior, during the meeting.

Despite Blake’s disapproval, the bill passed.

Also at the meeting:

_Ѣ The Senate created a new committee within the Executive Committee that seeks to ensure that students are included in hiring, staffing and curriculum issues within each Northwestern academic department.

_Ѣ The Senate passed a bill to increase the number of emergency call boxes on campus. Brunsfeld cited the bill as an example of the specific bills that will follow from the general safety bill.

_Ѣ Education junior Todd Lukens joined the Executive Committee as a non-senator, replacing Madhuri Kommareddi, who resigned from her post Tuesday night following a dispute with Campus Activities Office about the office’s enforcement of a rule that forced the NU chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union to cancel a Tuesday night panel discussion.

Lukens previously had lost several Executive Committee elections, including losing to Kommareddi earlier this quarter.