Letters to the editor


The tragedy of Rashidi Wheeler’s death in early August opened my eyes. It proves that no matter what kind of peak physical condition you are in, there is always a limit. I think that reality will be imprinted on all of us, as a community, for the rest of our lives.

But in the weeks following Wheeler’s death, another reality surfaced: There are always people looking to capitalize on other people’s sorrow, as long as there is somebody to be blamed and a profit to be made.

In this case, these people are Jesse Jackson and Johnnie Cochran. Between them the duo has a resumé that includes allegedly defrauding Illinois and U.S. taxpayers out of millions of dollars of health care money and convincing 12 hapless Los Angeles citizens that DNA evidence doesn’t count if someone in the Los Angeles Police Department is racist. Jackson didn’t have any “noble cause” to fight for in late August, so he flew to Chicago.

Shame on Jackson and Cochran for approaching a mother who cannot possibly be through the mourning process and taking advantage of the situation. The two of them, who are clearly nothing but glorified ambulance chasers, should leave Wheeler’s mother, Linda Will, and the Northwestern community alone.

Let her mourn, and let us mourn.