Greek affairs names interim assistant director

Rani Gupta

Sean Thomas has been named acting assistant director of Greek affairs after associate director Steve Dealph left Northwestern Sept. 14 to take a job with the North American Interfraternity Conference.

Thomas was hired in May to fill the position of Greek area coordinator, taking over for the departing Elizabeth Kos. NU rehired Kos to fill Thomas’ position in the interim.

When Dealph’s replacement is found, Thomas will take over as AC.

Director of Residential Life Gregg Kindle said administrators are assembling a search committee and hope to fill the position by January.

Kindle said the committee will include students from Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Association and National Pan-Hellenic Council.

Dealph said he still plans to “be a resource” for the current Greek leaders.

“What I regret most is leaving this group in the middle of their terms, because I get to work with some incredible students,” he said. “But it’s also an ideal time to go, because there are such strong student leaders and I know they will adapt.”

Kindle said Thomas’ responsibilities will differ slightly from Dealph’s. Kindle is supervising the staff and took over Dealph’s job of communicating with house corporation boards. Thomas will advise IFC, Panhel and NPHC.

Thomas said he is looking forward to his temporary position.

“I’m excited to learn a lot more about the Greek affairs office here and how things run,” he said. “And I get to work with more and different students than I would have in the AC position.”

IFC President Phil Ordway said he’s looking forward to working with Thomas.

“He’s a great guy,” said Ordway, an Education senior. “He’s a very capable replacement.”

Kos’ appointment lasts through Winter Quarter rush. She said she was glad to be back at NU.

“It was a great opportunity and I care a lot about the Greek system here and I knew it would help with the transition,” Kos said.

Kos said it was “not at all” hard to adjust to her position and she just had to catch up on what changed during the summer.

Thomas said his transition was not difficult because Dealph prepared him well during the six weeks between his announcement and his departure last week.

“He was great in trying to teach me everything he could,” Thomas said. “We met almost daily.”

Kindle said the Greek office was functioning fine without Dealph.

“Steve has been here for a long time and he’s a really valued staff member,” Kindle said. “But I think Sean and Elizabeth are doing a good job of picking up his responsibilities.”

Panhel President Peggy Yu said she was sorry to see Dealph leave.

“He was an advocate and a friend,” said Yu, a Speech senior. “He really challenged me and helped me grow as a leader and a person.”