IFC provost, treasurer replace resigning members

Becky Bowman

Members of the Interfraternity Council elected a new provost and treasurer Thursday, two weeks after the current provost and treasurer resigned following an incident involving marijuana in a Delta Tau Delta room.

The new council members were announced at the presidents roundtable, a biweekly meeting of the fraternity chapter presidents.

Weinberg juniors Bob Muth and David Alvarez will replace Brian Traeger and Mark Diehl as IFC provost and treasurer. Traeger and Diehl stepped down from their IFC positions May 3 for personal reasons.

On April 30 University Police discovered a small amount of marijuana in a Delt room occupied by Traeger, Diehl and at least three others, according to Lt. Glenn Turner. UP was responding to a noise complaint, Turner said.

IFC president Phil Ordway said Thursday’s elections went smoothly and that he expects the two new candidates to fit their positions well.

“There will be plenty of transition time for both of these guys,” said Ordway, an Education junior. “It won’t be a problem.”

Muth is the national president of Evans Scholars and former president of the NU chapter. He also has served on the Associated Student Government Rules Committee.

Experience within IFC and ASG made Muth a qualified candidate for the position, Ordway said.

The new provost also has the advantage of having worked with past IFC provost Marty Christensen, who filled the position before Traeger, Ordway said.

Muth said his leadership experience as an an Evans Scholar will help him bring an objective perspective to the council.

“You’re forced to judge people you know quite well (in executive positions),” Muth said. “You have to be able to pull yourself out of the situation and be objective.”

Alvarez, who is taking over as treasurer, is the outgoing president of Sigma Nu. His term ends Monday.

Alvarez said his and Muth’s experience will facilitate the transitions.

“I think it’s good that people with experience took over both positions,” he said.

Muth and Alvarez will serve with Traeger and Diehl until their terms are finished at the end of Spring Quarter.