Vacations of the future and other terrifying visions

This week, multimillionaire Dennis Tito ended his eight-day junket aboard the International Space Station and Russian spacecraft.

In other words, a rich, rich man took a trip that will be the envy of other rich, rich men for years.

Please note that Tito had to go through the rather-impoverished Russian space program, not the United States’ money-burning NASA. In fact, while aboard the space station, NASA was concerned that the amateur presence of Tito could be dangerous to the scientists and astronauts aboard.

The rich, rich man was of course remarkably upbeat about his unbelievably-costly trip, saying he felt better in space than he has in his entire life. He also said that space vacations are a great revenue opportunity for NASA.

Even before Tito came down, director and King of the World James Cameron announced that he would like to be the first person to shoot a movie in space. “Titanic Terminator in Space,” here we come.

What’s all this mean? As the Bachman-Turner Overdrive once said, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” Rich, rich man excess is just getting started. Within the next few years, it’s fairly likely that Bill Gates and Larry Ellison will build competitively opulent vacation homes on the moon while others look for even more ridiculous ways to throw away their money, like levitating homes and chimpanzee butlers.

For an even more frightening vision of rich, rich men vacations, look to the Caribbean, where a clever entrepreneur just launched “Supermodel Vacations,” where, for a large fee, anyone can go on a tropical six-night vacation with a supermodel. Note: Supermodels are actually prostitutes and not Cindy Crawford. Thank you very much.

The owner said his target market is the sort of rich, rich man that earned his fortune through computers and don’t have social skills. Ah, at last. Dorks and “escorts” united at last. The director of “Revenge of the Nerds” would be proud. nyou