The pooper scoopers

Abbie VanSickle

The Magna Farta may be the shit, but BM won’t be No. 2.

Dan Frommer, a.k.a. Fromedome, campaigned in a bright pink bunny suit for the privilege of printing Allison Hall’s potty paper (circulation: 355). Now he and the Magna Farta are plunging into the Information Age.

Frommer and other newly elected dorm secretaries on campus say their minds are swirling with ideas for Northwestern’s potty press – newsletters posted inside the bathroom stalls of dorms. Many of the secretaries said they will flush out stale crap and raise the potty press to a new level.

Frommer, a Medill freshman, invites surfers to “crap with me” on The Magna Farta Web, which scooped The Daily last week on news of a White Trash Studies Department, including an Introduction to Mullet Rock class.

“I hope to get a community following on the Web site,” said Frommer, who wants to add online archives and book trading.

A guide to the best water fountains on campus also is in the works, but Frommer doesn’t have any plans to change the Magna Farta’s reputation for having a potty mouth.

But Kate Mulligan, editor of Willard Residential College’s Regular Sheeet, thinks humor like Frommer’s stinks.

“I try to stay away from dirtiness,” said Mulligan, a Speech freshman. “I don’t buy into the dirty humor.”

Steve Flusberg, a Weinberg freshman, still loads the columns of Bobb-McCulloch Hall’s BM with good dirty fun. He plans to keep his crap sheet’s prestige and potency afloat in the face of his tech-savvy, G-rated South Campus counterparts.

“We have the best paper on campus,” said Flusberg, who will post the paper online “if competition forces me to.”

Flusberg’s main concern is the messy business of potty-paper theft.

“Everyone always steals the papers,” Flusberg said. “I guess that means everyone likes it.”