Sunny daze

Cloudless skies. Sparkling water. Students soaking up rays and flying kites.

Except for the Chicago skyline in the distance, Northwestern students lounging Sunday on the Lakefill could almost believe they were in Florida – or at least at another school.

“We just observed a phenomenon: hot men throwing around Frisbees,” said Noreen Khalid, a Speech sophomore. “We thought they didn’t exist on our campus.”

Hundreds of NU students emerged from their dorm rooms this weekend, trading fleece-lined jackets for shorts and tank tops. The average high temperature in April is 57 degrees, and the climate clocked above-average performance this weekend.

Temperatures on Saturday were just below the April 7 record of 79 degrees, climbing to a high of 77. Sunday’s high of 76 degrees also neared the record for the day, 78 degrees.

Although temperatures this weekend did not break the April record of 91 degrees set on April 22, 1980, NU students enjoyed the warmth by lugging books and laptops outside.

“We’re definitely happier people,” said Natalie Kozlov, a Weinberg junior. Several students agreed, saying they had noticed a change in their attitudes.

“I was outside all day, ” said Matt Huebner, a Weinberg junior. “I figure it’s not going to get this warm again for a while.”

And Huebner might be right.

This weekend’s sunbathers may have to exchange beach towels for rain jackets and significantly lower temperatures. Forecasters predict scattered showers and temperatures in the 50s this week.

One student said lower temperatures would affect her mood.

“It would be like returning to the black hole of Chicago weather,” she said.