Letters to the editor


In response to Jeremy Kohn’s brilliant letter on the strengths of Al Gore really being exhibited by George W. Bush, I would like to say that the Kyoto Treaty, which applies to global warming, obviously only affects industrialized nations. Industrialized nations are the nations that are directly causing the greenhouse effect.

What should the developing nations do — sacrifice their cattle that release methane by farting? Industrialized nations are the ones that are releasing the carbon pollutants, not developing nations. We can set an example so that others can follow.

On the issue of Texan pollution: Though it is wonderful that Texas is No. 1 in reducing toxic pollution, it still ranks near the top of the list, if not at the top, of America’s largest polluters. Bush also wants to open up pristine areas in Alaska, among other areas, for oil drilling and other such wanton acts of destruction to the environment.

Bush also would be absolutely horrid at conducting foreign policy. One can imagine an incident where he thinks the microphone is off and calls both the Israeli prime minister and Palestinian leader “asses.”

Dealing with Texas, or as a friend of mine once so eloquently put it, “the armpit of America,” is a lot different than negotiating, for example, the peace between sides that have been taught at birth to hate one another. A foreign leader meeting with Bush would wonder whether Bush even knew where his country is located, or if his vast array of advisers managed to inform him of this just before the meeting.

Gore has been the most influential and active vice president in the history of the United States. He has the chance to continue the progression of the last eight years into the next eight. Let’s not trade these past eight years for four of wasting some of the best opportunities America has ever had.