Letters to the editor


As I read Alex Thomas’ brilliant cartoon satire of “frats” at Northwestern, I could almost see him at the drawing board, smirking as he cracked open another O’Doul’s from his fridge.

It is a waste of time and oxygen to try and take issue with every idiotic argument Thomas tried to make in his cartoon. One can ignore that he linked the action of a few individuals to the Greek system in general, or even the joke that people stole the cow because they have some fascination with ugly art. But one can’t look past the blatant cheap shot he took at a large group of people.

As a journalist, Thomas certainly has the right to draw whatever he wants, but he also has the ethical responsibility not to make brainless generalizations about entire groups of people. What would have happened if the group he chose to address as immature, chauvinistic and closed-minded happened to be an ethnic group? Would The Daily have allowed that to be published?

Anyone who says the Greek system at NU is lacking in diversity obviously hasn’t gone to any Greek functions, gotten to know anyone in a fraternity or sorority, or possibly hasn’t left their dorm room in a couple of years.

The Greek system gets enough undeserved heat at this school. We don’t need pot shots from clueless cartoonists.