Letters to the editor


As a former Greek president who spent more than a year trying to preserve the tradition of well-attended pre-game tailgates, I want to clear up some misinformation in Wednesday’s letter to the editor by Molly Moore and Jenny Bastian. Unfortunately, in today’s world of lawsuits, the university had to take an understandable position in regards to alcohol at the tailgates. Greek leaders were forced to work around this new policy and develop a unified response by the in attempt to preserve the camaraderie that had previously ranked us as one of the best pre-game tailgates in the country. Although we lobbied for months, numerous technicalities prohibited us from establishing drinking opportunities for those of legal age.

However, judging by the turnout at the post-alcohol tailgates (and yesterday’s letter), these tailgates were not about supporting the football team or building school spirit. It was solely about free beer. Sorry kids, it is a fact of our changing times that the Greek system will no longer be able to be the social crutch for the rest of our non-Greek campus.

If one truly cares about the football team, school spirit and preserving social opportunities on campus, please support those leaders on campus who are taking time out of their busy schedules to better this campus. By belittling our efforts, it shows that your true intention is not supporting increased social opportunities on campus, but instead getting a cheap buzz on a Saturday morning.