Letters to the editor


This weekend, we were marveling at all the parties that were being broken up by University Police well before midnight. It was clear to us how much worse the social scene at this campus gets each year. First tailgates go, then Panhel goes dry, next three-quarters of the major fraternities end up on probation for some portion of the year, most for minor infractions at best. Plus, the university ends alcohol at Gone Greek Night while at the same time banning effervescent “foam” parties. Finally, the RAs at many dorms become alcohol fascists, writing up anybody they catch with more than eight people in any one room. Sadly, many of the social choices that existed two years ago no longer are an option.

Why is this happening? The university wants to reduce its liability. However, the administration at this school needs to realize that there is a trade-off for this policy.

For every party they bust early in the evening, for every fraternity they force to go dry, they alienate more and more prospective students. Northwestern has historically been an appealing school to top students because of its blend of a vivacious social scene and relatively strong academics. By eliminating the former, we enter into a battle for students with academic powerhouses like Cornell and Columbia. This is a battle we will never win. Similarly ranked schools like Chicago and Brown are simply stronger academically. Aside from a few top programs, the allure of NU is lost if its social scene weakens. Is it any surprise then that last year applications to this school dropped 5 percent? We can only tell prospies the truth: NU is no longer a school with a lively social scene, and a number of better academic schools exist!