No beef here; bovine thieves ‘damn funny’

Jeff Carlton

Where’s the beef? More to the point, what’s the beef?

With apologies to the family who generously donated money to bring a cow to Norris, it’s time to face facts. It was a cow. It was an ugly cow. And the fact that someone sawed off three hooves and stole away with the rest of it in the middle of the night is damn funny.

No self-respecting student body could have allowed that cow to sit there untouched. Northwestern administrators threw down a challenge to students the moment that cow went up outside Norris. That its only protection against such an event was a 200-pound base is almost insulting.

Who says NU students are apathetic? It must have taken a great deal of effort to cut off fiberglass legs and steal away with a 50-pound bovine. Activism like this should be applauded.

Here’s hoping [email protected] never turns up. It has moved on to greener pastures, hopefully as a fine furniture addition to someone’s apartment or fraternity house.

Bottom line: It’s a funny joke, so milk it for all it’s worth.