Senators rip SAFB funding recommendations

New ASG Executive Board members were sworn in at Wednesday’s meeting, but it didn’t stop former President Steve Spaulding from attacking the Student Activities Finance Board’s spring funding recommendations.

Senate debated, but voted against returning the Spring Funding recommendations to the SAFB for further review.

At the next Associated Student Government meeting on April 26, Senate will go through two rounds of funding: a first round when senators can cut SAFB recommendations and a second for distributing extra money.

Forty-two groups requested $1.4 million, but SAFB has only about $670,000 to dole out from the student activities fee.

Spaulding and other senators complained SAFB neglected four areas: Martin Luther King Jr. Day funding, co-sponsorships, large-scale programming and ASG requests.

“They’re stubborn and they don’t listen to Senate,” said Spaulding, a Weinberg senior.

Although SAFB guidelines say 2 percent of funding must go toward MLK Day programs, SAFB did not recommend funding any of the events.

Because the events must be funded, Senate must add the 2 percent during funding.

Ramesh Srinivasan, SAFB chairman, said SAFB did not recommend funding the events because the three ASG-funded MLK Day events this year were not well-attended.

SAFB also funded only two of seven co-sponsorships that student groups requested — the COLORS speaker and S.P.A.R.K. festival.

Srinivasan said SAFB believes events sponsored by individual groups fare better.

But Lilly Gonz