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A&E: Kafein open mic night characterized by eclectic mix, welcoming atmosphere

A&E: Kafein open mic night characterized by eclectic mix, welcoming atmosphere

Sean Su/Daily Senior Staffer

The cozy atmosphere of Kafein ushers in a cast of performers for its open mic nights each Monday. From singers to stand-up comedians, every show is unique.

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Madeline Burg
January 14, 2015

A&E The yellow walls of the single room, adorned with cheeky renditions of famous paintings, such as the Mona Lisa holding a tiny cup of espresso, glow with a warmth that’s echoed in the welcoming attitude of Kafein's Open Mic Night patrons. Each Monday, customers can buy a latte and watch Evanston’s finest musicians, poets and comedians perform original work, covers and even parodies of Demi Lovato songs in Hebrew, in an atmosphere that’s pure college coffee shop. “I’m pretty sure they’ve been doing it since the beginning, and the beginning was a long time ago,”... Read more »

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