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Greek Beat: Surviving formal in five easy steps

Mackenzie Broderick, Columnist

May 14

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Greetings, culture lovers! The end of the year is in sight! Or, at least, if you squint, you can sort of see it … But, with spring comes formals, scholarship balls and other events where wearing sweatpants is not acceptable....

Greek Beat: Yakity yak, don’t talk smack

Mackenzie Broderick, Columnist

May 8

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Greetings, culture lovers! I’m going to cut straight to the chase — it’s silly to judge people. It’s silly because we are all pretty much equally terrible. And I do say we, because I’m certainly guilty. I judge people...

Greek Beat: Mental health and Greek life

Mackenzie Broderick, Greek Columnist

May 1

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Recently, never mind how recently, I was crushed to a crush party. As people laughed and danced and posed for pictures at the party, I found myself crying in the bathroom. But to understand what led up to this moment, we need...

Greek Beat: Wearing your letters around campus, an inner monologue

Mackenzie Broderick, Columnist

April 22

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Roll out of bed in the morning and my "Finding Nemo" clock says I’m already 15 minutes late. Whoops. Fumbling around in my closet, I grab the first shirt my fingers touch and pull it on before hurrying out the door. Cold. Too...

Where Are They Now: Hilary Duff

Erica Witte, Blogger

March 5

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There was a time in elementary school when I lost my Internet privileges. After spending hours googling Hilary Duff fan sites, I discovered a Hilary Duff hate site. As her most passionate and most devoted fan, I clicked the co...

The Steam Press: Choose your own adventure

Mackenzie Broderick, Blogger

March 3

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Greetings, culture lovers. The Oscars are over, finals loom, BuzzFeed quizzes have been a little subpar lately — in other words, you’re bored. You’re desperately seeking new stimulation when, lo and behold, the Steam...

Hey, WhatsApp.

Sofia Rada, Columnist

February 26

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Facebook announced Wednesday that it purchased the mobile messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion. As I read about it, I realized most people here don't even know what WhatsApp is. The purchase seemed random and absurd to...

The Steam Press: Read more, stress less

Mackenzie Broderick, Blogger

February 24

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Greetings, culture lovers! This weekend, I got a library card from the Evanston Public Library. It was a magical experience. Surrounded by actual, real-live people, instead of frazzled college students, I wanted to give each...