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Foster-Walker welcomes new carry-out program

Annabel Edwards/Daily Senior Staffer

Foster-Walker started serving takeout food Monday night. The takeout options are supposed to replace those formerly available at the Great Room, which is closed for renovations.

Sabrina Rodriguez, Reporter

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Students will now have the chance to take meals on the go with a new carry-out program at Foster-Walker Complex.

Wildcat Carry Out, nuCuisine’s newest initiative with Associated Student Government, will offer more meal options after regular dining hall hours are over.

The program kicked off Monday and will run from 8:30-11 p.m. every Monday through Thursday.

“With so many students in night classes, we know there’s a lot of people missing the dinner dining hall hours and having to tap into equivalency meals and points,” said Jenn Huang, a McCormick junior and ASG director of dining.

Wildcat Carry Out will accept all meal plans. Meal options include salads, burgers, chicken tenders and pizza.

Huang said the menu will resemble the off-the-grill items that were offered in the Great Room, which closed its student dining services at the start of the year.

“We brought in these late night faves because we wanted to appease the demand for to-go meals,” said nuCuisine spokesman Jason Sophian.

With the new program, students will be able to place their order with the C-Store cashier on the west side of Foster-Walker. Orders will then be prepared and brought out for students to pick up.

Weinberg freshman Eliana Sanchez said she is likely to use Wildcat Carry Out since dining halls tend to be closed when she gets hungry at night.

“It looks like a quick alternative to Lisa’s or the C-Store that run on equivalency meals,” Sanchez said.

Weinberg freshman George Valladares said he’s still uncertain that the new program will measure up to an actual dining hall meal.

“I’m still on the fence if I would use it because I love my food nice and hot,” Valladares said. “I don’t want just any quick meal, so I’ll just have to wait and see.”

Nonetheless, Valladares said the program is clever because Foster-Walker tends to get crowded late at night.

Weinberg freshman Jason Sloan is on the unlimited meal plan, which gives two equivalency meals per week. He said this plan could allow him to save his equivalency meals for other uses.

“It’s just really convenient for me to get late night food on my meal plan,” Sloan said. “People on North Campus will probably just keep going to Lisa’s because of the distance though.”

Sophian said Foster-Walker was chosen in May during a trial period as a central point for students on both North and South campuses, but nuCuisine may broaden the program.

“If large demand is seen, we’re open to expanding to other campus dining locations,” Sophian said.

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